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Movie theaters, plays, concerts, restaurants, outdoor activities, Temple attendance and on and on.We have had activities as far north as Logan and as far south as Payson (and weekends in Sterling are amazing), but generally keep our activities between Salt Lake and Ogden.We try to have members arrange carpools when an event is on the opposite end of the valley (some of the funnest times are carpooling with friends and getting to know that small group).

We previously collected $5 annual dues, but have decided to make it voluntary for now.

If the costs rise and donations do not cover costs, there may be a request for assistance in the future, but for now costs are covered through activities.

If I get complaints or members feel uncomfortable about any communications, we have in the past had to block individuals that do not treat this group with the respect needed. Briant (group organizer)AGE REQUIREMENTS• The guideline is you should be 40 years of age or older. We will not be asking your age but most of our members are late 40's to mid 60's, some in their 70's.

If you are younger you may not be as comfortable with our activities, but we leave it to each individual to decide if you feel comfortable with us.

Please contact me, Briant Cummens if you need assistance to have a picture taken.

This helps members recognize you when you come to your first event.Suncrest Counseling is here to help with compassionate, personalized care.We understand that your mental health is central to your wellbeing, and offer treatment for a wide variety of issues and for patients of all ages.If you have specific questions about an activity or want to coordinate attending, that is encouraged, but please do not randomly reach out to members like a dating site and start asking for personal details.Instead, come to an activity, meet with friends and have a good time in person.We do put out a donation jar at some events for those that can contribute. This group helps so many and we do not want to limit anyone attending, but there are costs.So your contributions are appreciated.• We also have many events that are completely free• If you find the group of value to you and would like to assist in covering the meetup fees or to help with some of the other costs, you may use either the internal meetup "Chip-in" feature using WEPAY(this has a $.50 7.5% fee per transaction) or use the organizers paypal link at (which has no fee if you pay as a personal payment using a paypal account or bank account balance).Anything you have always wanted to do, but do not want to do on your own.We are a fairly adventerous group, so share your ideas, step it up and join in.Another great resource for activities, firesides, dances, etc.While mental health conditions can feel isolating, with one in four Americans seeking counseling or treatment for mental health concerns, you aren’t alone.


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