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Your brain is being flooded with dopamine, serotonin, oxytocin and all of the other highly addictive chemicals that your brain desperately craves.

Put simply, if every person was resistant to 50 different diseases, your children would have a better chance at survival if you met someone with a different fifty than you (totalling a resistance to 100 diseases). In fact, I had one client who admitted to loving licking his partners sweat after she came home from a run. Whether the male has the logical desire to want children or not, he is still shifted from a polyamorous mindset to a relatively more monogamous one.

This is also often why one partner will come down with a cold/flu/illness and their partner won’t catch it- they are resistant to the disease and that’s part of why they are unconsciously attracted to each other. Does this mean that on his 32nd birthday he will stop ogling all of the yoga pants’ed bums walking past him? But it will generally make him a better, more attentive, and less distracted boyfriend.

So gentlemen, if you have an 18-30 year old brain and you fear that you’ll just be the type to never want to marry, hold your horses.

For better or for worse, you’ve got a second wind coming that will push you towards partner bonding.

You’ve likely felt that rush of astonishingly positive emotions when you first started seeing someone new.

This is called the “infatuation phase” of a relationship.

Not only this, but the sperm itself is also in on the action.

About 1% of the sperm are what are known as “egg-getters” with the other 99% being present to fight off the other sperm that may have been left by other sexual partners.

But the further I got in to studying human behaviour (especially when it came to dating, mating, and partner finding) the less I found myself judging others and their actions.

Their once strange actions made complete sense with my newfound awareness.


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