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She states that the release date for this game is set on early 2017.: Free Play does NOT in any way, shape, or form endorse or recommend using Cheats of any sort or type in your game for a number of reasons, and not the least of these being: 1.If you find that you have massive amounts of time to wait for your next , the following fix (which has been posted to the Free Play chat boards on Super Cheats by several different gamer/members) MIGHT work to partly fix it. If that does not work, then it does not work for you.

Another point you should be aware of - even IF this action works, the game may still be partly messed up.

Players I have spoken to about this problem report that while the fix solved the clock issue, their Free Play it makes a lot of sense to cheat by playing the system rather than outright messing with it.

An i OS device that has been jail-broken can have its routing file for the game altered to make use of these nefarious and illegal servers, which in turn (and depending on the "theme" or action-goal of the specific server) provide the player with access to much of the premium content at reduced in-game currency cost or no in-game currency cost.

These span a number of functions, including for example Boosted- Servers, Special "Shopping Mall Servers" and a number of other functional hacks.

Special care should be taken when doing this sort of cheating because -- shocker!

-- some of these so-called free services are set up by crackers who, in addition to helping you cheat in your game, at the same time copy data from your device to their server including (but not limited to) any payment data (think credit card info) stored on your device, your email contacts, and personal information. Spoofed (Local) Server Hack This type of hack/cheat requires you to run a program on your PC with your i OS and/or Android device connected to the PC via the standard USB cable that comes with it.: We do not recommend or endorse the use of ANY action on your device that requires it to be subjected to the procedure known as jail-breaking.The reason for this is that depending upon where you are located in the world - AND where your service provider for the device is located - the act of doing the whole jail-breaking thingy ranges from perfectly legal to a serious data crime (as in felony type crime that can get you thrown in prison or worse).Almost every cheat that is revealed via You Tube and on the Chat Boards has some sort of destructive potential for your game. Using Cheats in Free Play can (often DOES) risk getting you banned or corrupting the save of your game. Any time you have to do something like Jailbreak your device, or mess with its basic settings (like Time and Date) you are doing things that are potentially damaging to your data on your device. The : Free Play is a Freemium Grinder of the City Building variety, which means that the studio that created it and the company who owns its IP obtain their revenue stream via the micro-transactions system (though really some of the packages that they sell are far from micro) and as such -- and in consideration of the very high quality of both the game and its aggressive and extensive update and expansion program -- really deserves our support, not our cheating :) In Conclusion what we are saying is that Cheats are bad and we do not suggest you do them or approve of them - BUT - being as this is a Walkthrough and Guide to the game, and despite the above four Cheats Rules that we really do subscribe to, it is after all a guide so we are more or less obligated to, at a minimum, cover the more popular of the cheats. Also please note that we did NOT use ANY of the following in the process of the game played for the purposes of creating this WTG, documenting it, and officially and unofficially contributing as a tool to its creation.When we needed to test a cheat before writing about it, that cheat was tested on a device OTHER than the one we use to create and document this WTG, on a game account that has nothing to do with this WTG.This particularly applies to the Mailbox cash award, Free Play forms on EA's game site they address the issue of Time Skip Cheating in several ways.First off, they define it and explain exactly what the outcome is when you use this method to cheat, pointing out the following known impact issues that it causes: In addition to defining the various issues as noted above, they also go out of their way to explain to you that using this cheat actually breaks the game, and corrupts the game save files, so even though the cheat appears to work on the face of it, ultimately the action on your part damages the game save file in a way that simply cannot be fixed: "Manually changing the time and date settings may skip time-based able to correct or assist you with this problem as it will irreparably damage your save file, so the only way to fix issues that have been caused by this is to re-install your game and begin a new one.She produced a few promo posters and bits of her work on her d A and Tumblr till she eventually went on hiatus and stopped posting for a few years.On May 28, 2016, Pacthesis suddenly posted the demo for Star Days Sim Date on her d A page, which led to a brand new website called .This cheat and/or bug has been fixed on some platforms and game versions but not on others. In fact we strongly recommend that you avoid ANY cheat that requires you to alter the system time, because doing that can have completely unpredictable effects on both your game and game account.What this does is basically fix the date/time for the action you took to the future point in time, so if you then restore the correct time you can find that you have anything from hundreds to even thousands of hours to wait before you can do that activity again.


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