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It is also prime in "Primary Elements of Algebra for Common Schools and Academies" (1866) by Joseph Ray, and in "Standard Arithmetic" (1892) by William J. A list of primes to 10,006,721 published in 1914 by Derrick N. To check if you are travelling two seconds behind the vehicle in front: - watch the vehicle in front of you pass a landmark (such as a sign, tree, or power pole) at the side of the road, - as it passes the landmark, start counting 'One thousand and one, one thousand and two', - if you pass the landmark before you finish saying those eight words, you are following too closely.

Lehmer includes 1 ("List of prime numbers from 1 to 10,006,721", Carnegie Institution of Washington). Slow down, pick another landmark and repeat the words to make sure you have increased your following distance.

If your spouse, upon discovery is falling all over his or herself in apologies and promises — don’t buy it. (Yes, even if you have no intention of divorcing and cannot bear the thought — SEE A LAWYER. And I promise you, they aren’t copping to all of it. It’s very normal to feel ashamed that this happened to you.

I know this crap is overwhelming, but you need to make a plan. People who will cheat on you will fuck you over in a multitude of other ways as well. Now is the time to see a lawyer to find out your rights.

Call your doctor, if need be, and get on some Ambien. You not only require proper rest, you need physical stamina for the adrenaline rollercoaster ahead. A state that takes awhile to achieve, assuming they ever get there.) And protect your health. You’re probably also on the fence about whether or not the relationship will survive the infidelity, and perhaps fervently want it to.

Knowledge is power.) Check your finances and move money (only half) into a new account. (Not a marriage counseling appointment — that’s pointless until the cheater is out of the affair or has stopped lying. You might feel at some level that you’re somehow to blame or that this whole mess is mortifying.Benford's law states that in a huge assortment of number sequences - in listings, tables of statistics, random samples from a day's stock quotations, a tournament's tennis scores, the populations of towns, electricity bills in the Solomon Islands, and much more, the digit 1 tends to occur with probability ∼30%, much greater than the expected 11.1% (i.e., one digit out of 9). Nigrini gained recognition by applying a system he devised based on Benford's Law to some fraud cases in Brooklyn. -- The roots of the word two are hidden in the following words: balance, bezel, bicycle, binary, biscuit, combine, diploma, diptych, double, doubt, duel, duet, duplex, duplicate, pinochle; between, twist, twice, twill, twin; Mishnah.The idea underlying his system is that if the numbers in a set of data like a tax return more or less match the frequencies and ratios predicted by Benford's Law, the data are probably honest. In French: bafouiller, berlue, besace, bévue, bigle, binocle, bisquer, brouette (is an irrational number involved in the formula for the Golden ratio. Well, I promise you, unless you tend to these very basic things like remembering to eat and sleep (all very easy to blow off given that you’re in crisis), you aren’t going to have the wherewithal to act in your own best interest. Resist the urge to give in to feelings of paralysis.Chump Lady is not optimistic about reconciliation — and would hate to see you stuck in a bad situation longer because of false hope. Know that whatever happens you’re going to be okay. The difference between 3, 30 and 300 is only some extra zeros, but those little circles are actually one of the world's greatest inventions! C., Hindu scholars were working with nine oddly shaped symbols and a dot that eventually would bring order out of a world of mathematical chaos.The dot and nine symbols were the earliest known forerunners of the numbers 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9.If you just discovered you’ve been cheated on, your job right now is to take very good care of yourself. Most likely you either feel numb, like you’re having an out of body experience, or you feel searing emotional pain. Get your rest – You need your wits about you right now. People who’ve been cheated on joke morosely about the “Infidelity Diet.” It’s not uncommon to lose 10 lbs a week from the sheer stress. You may feel revolted by food now, or have terrible thoughts about the infidelity that make you throw up. But for now – make sure you’re downing something each day (not high balls at the bar, okay? So you may hesitate to reach out to people in your life who can help you, for fear of exposing the cheater — and also of embarrassing yourself or dooming a reconciliation. You need to draw supportive friends and family close to you now. Not only will you survive it, there’s an excellent chance that you will end up with a much better life than you had before.(Sorry to say, you’re probably going to alternate between these two states for a while.) You need to devise a triage plan in the short term. This isn’t your fault and this isn’t your shame to wear. If you are to reconcile, the cheater needs to do the hard work of not only winning you back, but winning back the trust and respect of those who love you as well. Even with the most compassionate of friends and family, if they haven’t been cheated on before, they don’t know how you feel. Beware, however, that a lot of sites skew toward reconciliation. I swear, you’ve got a bright future on the other side of this nightmare — start moving toward it.These numbers remain unassigned because they are so-called 'flag' numbers, kept for special purposes such as emergency or operator services. In French: ensemble, oignon, premier, printemps, sanglier, semblable, sincère. Then (7 5 5)/(7 5) = 17/12 (17 12 12)/(17 12) = 41/29 (41 29 29)/(41 29) = 99/70 (99 70 70)/(99 70) = 239/169 ...There is a 1/2 percent probability you are related to Genghis Khan... In Spanish: centolla, centollo ('spider-crab', from Celtic * was found on a Babylonian clay tablet (from the Yale Babylonian Collection), dated approximately to between 1800 B. continuing closer approximations of 2 ISO paper sizes are all based on a single aspect ratio of the square root of two, or approximately 1:1.4142.


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