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Net neutrality is the principle that everyone should have fair access to websites and apps, preventing Internet providers like Comcast & Verizon from creating “fast lanes,” censoring content or throttling traffic to their competitor's products.This principle has guided the world wide web from the beginning, and has been protected by federal policy under Republican AND Democrat leadership since the early 2000s.

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For example, after the July 12th day of action an unprecedented number of submissions created significant delays.

We've since taken steps to speed up submission, but it led to some confusion when users received replies from Congress long after taking action.

OONI, part of the Tor Project, helps catch net neutrality violations and other kinds of online censorship.

Can you install the app on your phone, and set it to run daily?

In June, the woman told the committee, she met up with Greitens for a subsequent encounter that "at first was consensual." At one point, she said, he asked her whether she had been intimate with anyone else, and she told him that she had slept with her then-husband."And he slapped me across my face, just like hard, to where I was like, what? "Instead, she said, 'I felt like he was trying to claim me.' The slap did not leave a mark but 'was jarring. 28, prohibits unions from charging membership dues as a condition of employment.

She also said that "she did not believe the slap was intended to physically hurt her," the committee reported.

But under new leadership, the FCC has removed these regulations, threatening to end the web as we know it. We actually deliver your messages directly to Congress.

However, we submit them through a rate-limited API and this can cause delays.

Also, members of Congress themselves sometimes take weeks or more to reply to constituents.

So please keep in mind that there may be a delay between when you take action and when your members of Congress reply.


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