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Their discovery in 1947 and those of the Nag Hammadi Scrolls in 1945 was inspired by the Master Jesus to shed a clearer light on the events of that time in preparation for the Christ's return today." Further, he identified the spiritual leader in the scrolls, the "Teacher of Righteousness", as Maitreya, and the "Pierced Messiah" as the Master Jesus.He said the documents were written in the 2nd century AD, but that it is not possible to reveal their authors.

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She’d even contacted some of them – a woman in the States, a “Roz” in Tasmania, another woman in the Philippines and so on.He meets them on a website, says he is in love and then after coming out with various sob stories, gets them to pay for his bed, board, and travel.’On return to the UK, Mrs Stillwell gave her husband £10,000 to help with legal fees for his Dubai property venture.She said: ‘I should have realised something was wrong as he would say he was going there for a week and then end up staying there months.‘She said Steve had used her laptop but not closed his emails down properly.Each has to do with the "final days", the end of the present world order and the establishment of God's kingdom on earth.Their discovery was like opening a window directly into the shrouded past.But no one may taste it until a priest says grace, and after they have breakfasted, he returns thanks, for both before and after eating they praise God the giver of life."Then they lay aside their white sacred garments, and go back to work until evening, when they return to eat supper together and with any visiting strangers.No noise or uproar is ever allowed to profane the house, for whoever speaks must do so in turn.The first scholars who gazed on the Dead Sea Scrolls never imagined them to be coexistent with the days of Jesus; they never thought it possible.But when the scrolls were translated in the late 1940s their contents told a story that electrified the world.Most scholars say they were written in the 1st and 2nd centuries BC, and that the latest possible date is 70 AD when Jerusalem was destroyed by the Romans.Most say they were written by the Essenes, a group of Jewish mystics.


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