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I usually let the other person talk and reveal themselves.

I usually let the other person talk and reveal themselves.I studied art in college, then worked with Habitat for Humanity.

I try to avoid routine as much as possible; that’s just how I’m wired. Every article of furniture that I build has the potential to be designed in a new way and given a really sculptural look. If I could do anything, I’d be kayaking down a river that’s winding through a tropical rain forest. I think I’m a thoughtful and sensitive person, very in-tune with people, though if I believe something strongly, I’m very passionate about it.

FIRST DATE CREDO I head to some place we can talk, like a bar with good atmosphere and cool people.

The rub: Both of the old adages are true—birds of a feather flock together and opposites do attract. Explorers (dopamine) seek risk, novelty, and adventure.

They’re always trying something new and have many interests.

I am looking for flights back to Chicago so I can go back to The Dating Game.

The New Dating Game oozes style, from the cars in the parking lot to the groovers on the dance floor.The large sunken, island bar is perfect for scoping, and the bartenders deftly help break the ice for lonely hearts.The Dating Game aims for class, with rich colors, mirrored walls, dim lighting and two top-shelf-stocked bars.I take my two dogs, a retired greyhound and a schnauzer, out a lot, for walks, to the doggy beach, and on play dates.FIRST DATE CREDO I like to avoid that first-date awkwardness by doing something active.Directors (testosterone) are independent, tough-minded, and ambitious. They’re agreeable, trusting, and romantic, and they strive for authenticity.They’re also experts, and will choose in-depth discussion over chitchat. On a date, instead of asking about your job or a specific topic, they’ll listen to you and try to forge connections.On a date, they’re usually relaxed and comfortable right away.Builders (serotonin) are traditional, cautious, and social.I have a lot of interests but running is my passion.Right now my goal is to run races in cities that I’ve never visited, like the race that I’ll run in Fargo this spring.


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