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Nautical twilight has military considerations as well.In general, civil twilight is the point where artificial illumination is required to read outside.The brightest stars appear during the civil twilight, as well as planets, such as Venus, which is known as the 'morning star' and/or 'evening star'.Mackenzie, now 17, has gone on to star in Interstellar and The Conjuring, while she is set to appear in The Nutcracker and the Four Realms this year.Meanwhile, Kristen, 27, has appeared in films including Personal Shopper, On The Road and Adventureland, and is dating Victoria’s Secret model Stella Maxwell.Definitions Twilight is defined according to the solar elevation angle 0s, which is the position of the geometric center of the sun relative to the horizon.There are three established and widely accepted subcategories of twilight: civil twilight (brightest), nautical twilight and astronomical twilight (darkest).Civil twilight Morning civil twilight begins when the geometric center of the sun is 6° below the horizon (the point of civil dawn), and ends at sunrise.Evening civil twilight begins at sunset and ends when the center of the sun reaches 6° below the horizon (the point of civil dusk).Robert Pattinson is seriously open about his disdain for the films.And it turns out Mackenzie Foy, who plays Renesmee Cullen, is now old enough to attend parties with her on-screen mum.


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