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Although it is not possible for us to provide a 100% accurate database, our research team constantly works to compile and improve our BIN reference.Our BIN identification database combines the most important characteristics for each card issuer.Source,assess and onboard talent into the your team with Xobin's intelligent recruitment software solutions.

Also made the decision making easier by providing detailed reports and quick results.A common scenario includes a person signing up for a service after pre-loading the initial balance needed for signup, however once he used the service for a month, the prepaid card does not contain enough balance for re-billing.Bin DB's Web Portal Subscription gives you quick and easy online access to your BIN identification solution from everywhere on the globe.Bin DB provides a comprehensive and complete database of Bank Identification Numbers.Bin DB is an online service accurately distinguishing the European bank identification numbers such as: Eurokarten System (Germany) Nets Visa Dankort (Denmark) Nets Dankort (Denmark) Bank Card Company (Belgium) Teller (Norway) Visa Austria, Pay Life (Austria) Euro6000 (Spain) Europay (Belgium, Netherlands, Israel) Your company processes credit card payments manually or automatically, we know how well this works for you and we do not want to change your way of processing payments.A good BIN Database will save millions of dollars in chargeback losses for your company in the long run.By matching the order details with the BIN search you can detect unusual and suspicious transactions.Detecting prepaid/gift cards may help you protect recurring billing failures.With the right tool such as Bin DB's BIN database you can employ new tactics to decrease and investigate fraudulent transactions.Mon, News Prepaid Card Ranges Updated Bin DB is now able to detect over 11,000 prepaid different card BINs in our database.Mon, News New Master Card Ranges Available Master Card have anounced the assigning of new IIN ranges.


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