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Many of the MSN Chat Clones started up directly after MSN closed its services (2006), and additional networks have continued to spring up since then.There is speculation that these chat networks may have pulled potential subscribers away from MSN Chat, ultimately bringing on the demise of MSN Subscription Chat Services.

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Gate Keeper Passport is the same system, But uses parameters supplied by the HTML webpage to log you into a personal account.

Little is known about the role of NTLM authentication on MSN Chat.

While the majority of MSN Clone Chat sites are free, most of them rely on adverts to provide a small income.

In addition, some of the clones have begun to charge, or allow for donations.

Perhaps because of abuse or other factors, such as the desire to authenticate users based on their Microsoft Passport, Microsoft implemented Gate Keeper and Gate Keeper Passport, and integrated both into their chat control.

The weakness of Gate Keeper and the fact the early MSN Chat Controls (1.0−3.0) had public functions for doing Gate Keeper authentication seemed to indicate Microsoft wanted third parties to be able to access their network as before, but they wanted to be able to control automated abuse.

The versions of MSN Chat were designed from IRC3 through to IRC8, Even with the newer versions, MSN Chat still had the possibility to replicate older MSN Chat versions by issuing the IRCVERS command.

It is believed that IRC referred to the original IRC Daemon, and IRC2 referred to IRCX.

The use of third-party applications on the MSN Chat Network was not prohibited, although it was unsupported.

Third-party applications were required to use the same Authentication Methods as the MSN Chat Control.


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