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But the final goal is: Change the pivot filter value 1 by 1 based on the "Name"(H) column and have a table which changes according to the pivot value filter and paste these tables into Powerpoint. for example: Name column has :x,y,z put these values 1 by 1 inside the pivot value filter and insert the tables into the powerpoint.1st x to be assigned to the pivot value filter,the table changes accrodingly for x and put this table into Powerpoint as slide and same for y and so on. Thanks in advance Dim PT As Pivot Table Dim pvtfield As Pivot Field Set PT = Sheets("Sheet1"). After you add new records to a pivot table’s source data, you have to Refresh the pivot table, to see the new data.

They are fast and flexible – they save you lots of time by allowing you to explore data.

I often find that checking out data with Pivot Tables gives me faster understanding of the data than using Excel formulas alone. One of those drawbacks is that your carefully chosen formatting is often lost when you change or refresh a Pivot Table.

You can download a sample spreadsheet by clicking here This is an image showing the custom number format I used in the spreadsheet.

The top row in blue shows what you type into Excel to get the custom number format, and the bottom row in pink shows examples of positive values, negative values and zero values.

In this article we’ll have a look at how to stop Excel from resetting a custom number format in the Pivot Tables value area.

This week we take a look at a question asked by one of our readers – Joanne.

Find out more on our Pivot Table survey page Finally let’s have a look at how we can program Excel to instantly change the number format in our Pivot Table Value Area.

I’m going to cover this last because VBA and macros are a topic that some people find too difficult. Don’t forget to check out the rest of my site – in particular you should take a look at our Excel video page and our Excel resource page OK – let’s have a look at some VBA code.

Sub Update_PT_Format_0() For Each pt In Active Sheet. Print p Field Next p Field Next pt End Sub But the problem is that when you add or remove a field from the values area the formatting is reset to the General format.

So you need to run the code every time you change fields, which sure is better than doing it manually. I played around with recording a macro to follow my steps in the video (see Part 2 above) and discovered the Pivot Select Method.


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