Updating openwrt firmware

updating openwrt firmware-65
While prpl is prototyping a system for remotely accessible testing hardware (which I’ll cover in another post soon), this is a limited workaround for testing a small number of routers.

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While the update mechanism should be under the under the full control of the user, a default of auto updating is appropriate for many users.

As the most used Linux distribution for routers, one would expect Open Wrt to have its own autoupdate mechanism. The major hindrance for an autoupdating Open Wrt is the sheer number of platforms that Open Wrt runs on.

After all, all major Linux distributions have an autoupdate functionality. In the case of a primarily desktop platform like Ubuntu, there’s only a few platforms to support (x86, x64).

A quick count reveals there are thirty-eight targets in a recent Open Wrt version.

All network connected software of some complexity will have occasional security bugs.

Therefore maintaining a high level of security requires regular security updates.

Each combination of profile and subtarget potentially corresponds to a unique output image and package set (some of the packages may be reusable across subtargets and profiles).

Total number of combinations at this point is in the hundreds.

Cygwin will not be supported because of the lack of case sensitiveness in the file system.

Huawei E5186 is a Cat6 LTE modem router and the popularity has got up thanks to the rise of Unlimited 4G Internet plans in Malaysia.


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