Warning updating the currently checked out branch may cause confusion

warning updating the currently checked out branch may cause confusion-28
You can read the release notes for details but let me summarize the highlights…We’ve done a major update of our release management UI.The examining attorney may also issue requirements concerning, for example: To file an international application through the USPTO, an applicant must have a U. The international application must include a list of goods and services that is identical to or narrower than the list of goods or services in the basic application or registration. A list of the minimum requirements for obtaining a date of receipt of an international application in the USPTO is set forth in 37 C.

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Here’s all the important links: There’s a lot I want to say about this release…

Like all of our Release Candidates, this is a “go-live” release, meaning that it has been tested and is ready to be used in a production environment.

At the same time, it’s not done and there’s a much higher chance you’ll hit a bug than with a more final release.

However, we’ve been using it in production and it’s reasonably stable.

This RC *is* localized, though you will find some English strings.

We will have complete localization by the time we release. The primary thing that means in these days of continuous delivery is there are breaking changes and system requirements updates.Our release management solution now supports deployment agents on the targets that greatly simplify the deployment of multi VM applications.It greatly simplifies the authentication issues associated with deployment.The highlight for me is the new visual release definition editor that allow you to visualize and configure your code release pipeline.We’ve also improved the task editing experience, adding templates for common app patterns, etc.Our customer promise for our Updates is that they are the same as RTM, just better.However, our, roughly annual “major releases” are our opportunity to make bigger changes that might be more disruptive.If your application is filed based on a bona fide intent to use the mark in commerce, additional documents and fees will be required at a later time.We recommend that you file your application through TEAS , and pay the fee using a credit card, existing USPTO deposit account, or electronic funds transfer (EFT). PLEASE NOTE: Fees are subject to change and should therefore be verified before submission to the USPTO. To receive a hard copy of the fee schedule you may contact the USPTO Contact Center (UCC) at 1-800-786-9199 Paper applications and any accompanying communications or material should be addressed to: Commissioner for Trademarks P. Box 1451 Alexandria, Virginia 22313-1451 These requirements are explained in detail in the booklet Basic Facts about Trademarks .Here’s a link that includes the latest TFS system requirements and another that focuses on the requirements changes between TFS 2017 and TFS 2018.Keeping in mind that the last major feature release was TFS 2017 Update 2 (released only just over a month ago), this TFS 2018 release candidate has a bunch of VERY nice improvements.


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