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The Mickey Rourke stuff is certainly generating a lot of interest. I was a young person and obviously greatly influenced by one of America’s greatest actors at that moment.It was really hard to maintain perspective with so few tools and also I didn’t have a lot of people close in my life at that time.That was an interesting journey in that I really found my voice and I realized I was not my body, there was so much more to me and my friends and family were going to love me regardless of what size I was and I was the only person who was really keeping herself imprisoned with this bullshit. My gosh, how many women do I know either haven't experienced an orgasm or faked it most of the time and can only get off by getting themselves off? For a woman to make love and have an orgasm, you have to be safe. ” Kimora Lee Simmons asked me if I had cobwebs on my coochie … It was then amazing to walk through the doors of intimacy with my now husband [Matthew Sutton].

Otis was also featured in 19 issues of Playboy magazine.

In 1989, Otis made her acting debut in the film Wild Orchid opposite future husband Mickey Rourke.

Stills from the film's climactic sex scene were sold to Playboy, and were the subject of a lawsuit filed by Otis.

Otis would later appear in another Rourke film, Exit in Red.

“I got in over my head so quick and recognized I was in over my head. help and Mickey helped me to get out of that and get treatment.” Once sober, Carre went into therapy and embarked on a spiritual path.

She divorced Mickey in 1998 and today she is married again with two young daughters.

Mickey Rourke received critical acclaim in 2009 for the film, “The Wrestler.” And during the 1980s, Mickey was one of Hollywood’s rising stars with a serious bad boy reputation.

It was during that wild time that Mickey met and married Carre Otis – and now, Carre opens up in her new memoir about her volatile relationship with Mickey, one she claims almost cost her, her life.

Over the next several years, she appeared on covers in the American and foreign editions of Vogue, Harper's Bazaar, Cosmopolitan, Allure, Mirabella, and Marie Claire.

Otis appeared in ads for Guess jeans (1988), Calvin Klein jeans (1991), the 1996 Pirelli calendar, and also posed for the Sports Illustrated swimsuit edition (2000).


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