Who is cat power dating

By creating a positive experience through speaking calmly, calling the dog over, and presenting treats or toys, your dog and your date will be bonding in no time.”When it comes to cats, ignoring your feline is a good strategy.That is, when your date comes over, keep your cat confined in a separate room.

Don’t move their toys, food or water bowls, or bedding until the adjustment period has passed.

“I always suggest that clients make sure they continue to get plenty of alone time with their primary pet.”If possible, create a space that is for each pet.

Perhaps the biggest hump to get over is if you’re bringing a pet to the relationship.

Just like when your pet first met your date, you should plan to make the kitty or doggy meet and greet on neutral territory.“Allow them to approach each other gradually,” says Arden.

Even pet birds need consideration when it comes to getting to know a new person you may be dating.“The key is to have the new person completely ignore the bird at first and allow the bird time to scope out the newcomer from afar,” says Ashley Salamanca, who owns a Tuki, a Black-Headed Caique with husband Nelson To continue building a good rapport, adds Jackson, “have your new date leave behind an article of clothing (a sock, a t-shirt, even a handkerchief), and treat your pup or cat every time they sniff it.

Who is cat power dating

Positive association with scent goes a long way.”Check out this adorable video from Pets Best about how one woman’s dog practically jumped into her (now) boyfriend’s arms the first time they met.

Letting the dog or cat make this first move is critical.“You don’t want to pull your dog over and force them to say hello.

Let them come over as they are comfortable,” advises Nicole Ellis, a celebrity dog trainer and lifestyle pet expert on the Rover Dog People Panel.

Two of the biggest issues that arise when you combine pet households include making sure everyone is on the same pet parenting page (behavior, feeding schedule, etc.) and ensuring the animals get along.

Ideally, moving day isn’t the first time all the animals have met each other.“Going for walks is a great way for the pups to bond and discourage territorial behavior,” says Ellis who also encourages rewarding good behavior. “When the dogs are relaxing or enjoying time together, be sure to reward them with treats and physical pats and scratches.


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