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Lai's new name "Li Jia Er" - which sounds the same phonetically as the phrase "adding a son" - is believed to change her fortune and improve her chances of gaining a son.

However, the new name will reportedly give her less luck with interpersonal relationships.

She also replaced all instances of her old name in her passport and other documents, on the advice of her geomancer. (please excuse my poor proficiency in Chinese if it's wrong)I can't believe she changed her name for the sake of bearing a son! [/b] [quote name='silveria' date='17 December 2009 - AM' timestamp='1261062475' post='6483498']from what i've read, it's 黎珈而[/quote]Okay thanks. Wow.a name change means bearing a son..half of the asian women population will need to get their names changed.. I hope they didn't pay big bucks to the geomancer cuz I can tell her to do the same thing, she can come to me, i'll tell her to change her name to something like this and i can earn all the money! If they didn't get it right, they brush it off and blaming others aren't doing right. She's 38, her husband is 52 -- any regular person knows that age decreases the chances of conceiving.

Accorind to the geomancer, her name change will be more effective if people forget about her old name quickly.- CNA/ha Li Jia Er as in 黎加兒? Minus the age factor..they are so desperate...modern technology has had much advancement these days with fertility. Anyway, Gigi is kinda old and her husband is even older. still so old fashion, what's wrong with a daughter? As a Christian myself, I am appalled...obviously, Gigi is only a Christian in name...either that, or she doesn't understand what being a Christian means. Can't believe there is still such old-fashioned thinking out there..stupid ridiculous thing will she do next? [quote name='blahblahyourmah' date='17 December 2009 - PM' timestamp='1261057253' post='6483434']I still prefer her birth name.[/quote]Gigi Lia's birth name wasn't Lai Gi; she changed it when she entered the industry.

But they get on with their lives and their careers just fine.

Check out these rich and famous leftover women in Asia, or the more apt moniker "golden spinsters." Wild child Shu Qi has famously said that her clearest childhood memories were of being chased by her father with a stick.

Her most tabloid-worthy romance was with Leon Lai, one of Cantopop's Four Heavenly Kings.

Even though the pair split in 2005, the press still like to use it as a reference point, kind of like the Brad and Jen split in the States.

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