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They could say I was a bitch, which would be terrible in my book. Q: A month ago I broke up with my (now ex) girlfriend of a year and a half. She was the first and only person I’ve ever been in a relationship with, ever had sex with, and the first girl I even kissed.

Though Chenoweth, 44, admits her busy schedule leaves little room for dates, she has found some time for her new beau since meeting Pavelka, 34, in October.Many big decisions we make in our lives have the same trajectory — we feel like we can’t possibly do the thing, right up until we know we HAVE to do the thing, and then immediately regret doing the thing because how could we possibly have done the thing, and then with time realizing that the thing was absolutely what we needed.Give yourself the time to know whether that’s the case.That’s totally normal, but doesn’t mean you should try to get back together with your girlfriend. But I do know that as human beings — especially as emotionally and psychologically complex, empathetic human beings — we have an amazing capacity to rewrite how things happened.Instead, be honest with your friends, and ask them to be there for you right now, and step up the girlfriend-ish behaviors to keep you from feeling alone right now. This is especially true when the events in question are internal, about our feelings and reactions. When you have broken up with someone and maybe hurt them, the incentive to do so is large.” If you did feel that way, on a day to day basis, then maybe you should still be in that relationship.But if you did not feel that way, then probably what you miss is the fact of having a support network, someone to check in with; probably what you’re feeling is loneliness, not for this specific person but for a person.I was scared to be in a relationship where it didn’t feel right, where I was getting naggy, and where she was getting annoyed.I was scared to stay in this relationship just because it was comfortable, and because it was my first relationship, I was scared that I was missing out on something better.Breakups are also not an exact science — actually they are very far from being a science at all, they have virtually nothing in common with a science — and so all I can tell you is from my own personal experience! The only way we can find out is to forge boldly on!What you’re trying to figure out is pretty tricky: you’re feeling bad, but are you feeling the normal kind of bad that you’re supposed to feel after a necessary breakup, or a different kind of bad that means you made a mistake?


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