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Burn Valley Gardens with a couple of gentlemen, in the centre, relaxing on a park bench and, on the right, The gates and clock at the entrance to Ward Jackson Park.

You can see modern images of the clock tower, and a little of its history, on the Hartlepool page.

Three photographs of the outdoor bathing pool in old Hartlepool which was destroyed by the storm of 1953.

This postcard, from the collection of Peter Pinchen, is titled South Promenade with the upper terrace of the old bathing pool to the right.

We have no idea when this photograph was taken but it was suggested to me that it might have been during the great storm of 1953 with giant waves hitting the New Pier (Heugh Breakwater) in old Hartlepool. This photograph was sent to us by Brian Slater who lives in Blackburn, Lancashire. Scott-Cowell laying a stone which took place in Princes Drive, Hartlepool, on March 26th, 1931. Scott-Cowell was the great great grandmother of Mr.

Slater and he is conducting research on his family background and has traced many of his relatives to Hartlepool. The pilot's watch house and the link shed are shown in this photograph.There were certainly some nice postcards around in those early days.The fountain in Ward Jackson Park, the Wesley Chapel and Lynn Street are featured on this one.Another old card with various scenes of the town with Christ Church, The Docks, The Sands, The Ferry, The Park, Lynn Street, The Lighthouse and Church Street.A postcard showing Christ Church, as viewed from Church Street, with the crest of West Hartlepool.Titled simply The Hartlepools and showing various locations from around the towns including St.Hilda's Church, the Bandstand on the promenade in old Hartlepool, the Heugh Lighthouse and others.One half was a blacksmith's shop and the other side was used by joiners and painters.Thanks to Ian Malcolmson for the four photographs directly above.The "Hartlepool History Then and Now" website shows a photograph of a Hartlepool Council Group from 1933/34 outside the old Naval Barracks with Councillor Mrs. This old photograph dates to 1940 and shows fishermen loading pots from the old pier.You can see the door of the joiner's shop open and a door to the blacksmith's, on the right, that was later blocked off.


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