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^.^ We are Ember of Dreams and our newly created raiding guild on Tarren Mill is home to our Wo W players.But after questing and doing a couple of dungeons I noticed it's quite lonely at times. However, below I'd like to bring up a dire situation which may or may not have come to light for many leaders of our realm group's communities and/or guilds while also, proposing a solution and welcoming input to see if my view is shared by others. Progression - Wednesday - Server Time Progression - Sunday - Server Time (mythic on Friday 8pm ST and alt run Monday 8pm -11pm ST How can I start raiding? Have an ilvl appropriate for the current content (940 pref) Warcraftlogs would be fine including some Experience Join our Discord server UYVe C Contact? After more then 10 years I decided to get back and see what has changed since Wo W Vanilla.

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But if your ISP theoretically allows 800 kb/sec downloads, why do all of your network applications like Vo IP or even just regular Internet browsing suffer?

With Vo IP, you’ll be able to hear callers but they’ll barely be able to understand you. Other than the earlier mention of dynamic wireless network repeating, an additional feature to this amazing Linux-based firmware is Qo S or “Quality of Service.” In short, QOS is a network function that allows you to prioritize or throttle network bandwidth.

While the downstream speeds will still be fast with your Internet browser, the initial wait from URL ENTER to page rendering will be extended because the HTTP request takes longer upstream. That way, data transmission that requires a smooth flow like Terminal Services/Remote Desktop, VNC, World of Warcraft, Vo IP, or streaming multimedia will not be choppy.

So I'm looking for a nice and friendly bunch of people who won't mind having a returning player who started from scratch again and is playing casually. Our goal is to put together a small team of players who want to have a laugh and enjoy all aspects of the game together be that raiding, Pv P, questing or just general arseing around on discord. Over the past month I have witnessed a dramatic surge in the amount of newly formed Pv E guilds, a positive phenomenon in many ways as it shows the vitality and enthusiasm our realm group's community indeed carries.

Oh and I'm on the Alliance at the moment :) Thanks and hopefully see you guys in the game! First off we aern't a progression guild, do we want to progress? Now, do we want to do that at the expense of having fun? We are an english speaking guild, we don't care if you're english as long as you can speak it. However, I'd like to argue that the amount of guilds with the same ambition and characteristics has exceeded a point where it has now become detrimental to the overall progression and competitiveness of our realm group in the global Pv E community.


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