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I was following Chyna and Bruno Sammartino on Twitter for years then hearing they died, it's like you see tweets from them one day and then the next day you see headlines saying they're dead. I tell the truth what's been going on between you two over the years, simple as that. You are the reason why I had to cut ties from everyone I knew on Twitter and Fur Affinity for 10 years, why I stopped watching WWE and threw out my WWE stuff and hated Sheamus even more, because of you Isabella.I also met Ivan Koloff in January 2017 a year before he died of cancer. Your jealously, narcissic self-hating, sociopathic ways on a person that you don't even know from Adam are beyond homicidial. You wouldn't know SHIT if the sun came out of your ass and went up into the sky.

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But the last thing I remember her posting was a few weeks ago about marketing jobs in nashville Do you hear the shit you’re saying? Plus her and her sister have been out drinking so there’s that. 😜 Anyone else think her skeletal hands look like the black demon’s from the Annabelle? If they get married, Sheamus will die from early dementia related brain trauma due to repetitive concussions around the age of late 50s.

If you're going to post in second person point of view, Isabella, it's only digging you deeper with each reply... Even when I was in a relationship at the time and had no intention of dating him, you told others and they gave me hell for years, hacking my accounts, threatening me bodily harm and to my family, etc.

You are just as demented as that woman that sent over 65,000 texts to a guy wanting to "love him so hard he wanted to kill him"... You're so obsessed with wanting me dead because this intense jealousy and psychopathic ways. You're so damn worried for years I was "threatening" your relationship because I was a fan of his and pairing my OC character with his persona?

Referring to Lynch, he wrote, “Orange haired looker, goes the distance like a trucker, she’s a stray hair plucker and a flash mother f***ker #wcw @beckylynchwwe.” A professional mixed martial arts competitor since 2011, Luke Sanders now competes in the Bantamweight division of the UFC.

Sanders made his UFC debut on January 17, 2016, as an injury replacement against Maximo Blanco at on March 4, 2017, at the T-Mobile Arena in Paradise, Nevada.


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