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It's the traders who are unhappy with their trading but not overwhelmed that often are ready to make the intense change efforts.

It's the traders who are unhappy with their trading but not overwhelmed that often are ready to make the intense change efforts.

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What made Friday's rally unique was that buying interest was actually below average relative to the prior 30-day average.

It was selling interest that was significantly below average that helped sustain the rally.

It is rare for traders who are doing well to sustain intense change efforts; more often, they think that they shouldn't try to fix what isn't broken.

Similarly, traders who are doing very poorly and losing great deals of money are often too distressed to keep a level-headed focus on goals and improvements.

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If their distress levels are too low, they lack the motivation to sustain change.

The moderate distress is a powerful driver for change.

An interesting corollary of this finding is that people who experience moderate levels of distress are more likely to make changes as well.

If their distress levels are too high, they become overwhelmed and can't sustain a change process.


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